Control Systems

Cloud Monitoring


Configuration and monitoring of generator sets remotely and in real time

Years we’ve been known for technological innovation and leadership— driving efficiency and reliability to new heights. Today, we’re applying that same spirit of innovation to digitalization. Fueled by your system’s data—and supplemented with Bazoco´s exclusive expertise, smart analytics and extensive database—our digital solutions magnify the power of customer investment. From proactive failure prevention and intelligent troubleshooting to instant failure support and smart maintenance planning, digital solutions unlock the full potential of your power generation system.

In today’s ‘always on’ modern world, Cloud monitoring keeps you in touch with real-time information about your power systems wherever you are, whenever you need it. Accessed via your work station, tablet or smart phone via a user-friendly interface, Cloud monitoring allows you to check your system status, identify faults, and access critical notifications, reducing your operation and maintenance costs.

Cloud monitoring is a fully-integrated cloud-based system that brings together:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Multi-location management
  • On-the-go access and visibility
  • Real-time notifications
  • Remote service and calibration
  • Remote asset control

Manage power remotely – Our robust cloud-based solution and user-friendly mobile and web apps give you remote access to your system whenever you need it, enabling you to make decisions and act on them quickly to improve response and reduce downtime.

Manage multiple sites and systems through a single interface and allows partners to respond faster – Accessed through any of your digital devices, you can reduce downtime and improve system reliability across your entire network. After sales team can handle routine issues remotely and mitigate potentially serious situations by scheduling proactive service calls based on the data they see.

Designed, engineered and installed to fit for operation – With Cloud monitoring, customers can be assured that your data and operations are secured in transit and in storage using a platform that is proactively monitored and updated. Cloud monitoring adheres to the security best practices outlined by the platform service provider.


Cloud Module

A communication device that enables remote and real-time supervision and monitoring of one or several generator set control units. The system is ready to send pre-programmed or configurable warnings. The genset transmits information every 60 minutes to the server, or whenever an event occurs.


Mobile Access

Management using a cell phone over the internet or by SMS.

The program allows you to set up 50 different telephone numbers with notification and/or control permissions. Using a cell phone, it is possible to start or stop the machine or even to change its operating mode. It is also possible to read or write the configuration parameters.


PC Access Management from Any PC

Know the status and geo-positioning of the genset and manage their maintenance. The only requirement is that the PC has to be connected to the Internet. The software provides updates on pre-progammed events and/or alarms; it features anti-theft devices and it allows you to control the unit remotely.


The CLOUD MODULE kit uses GPS global positioning and accelerometer technology that makes it possible to locate the units and to detect any movements when the generator sets are switched off to raise the alarm in the event of a possible theft.

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