Maintenance & Repairs

In order to maximize engine’s performance, it is necessary to maintain and overhaul it regularly during its lifecycle. The lifespan of an engine is in most cases determined by whether or not it is properly maintained. Bazoco offers many possibilities to keep your engine in excellent condition.

On-site repairs and complete engine overhaul
Bazoco has a worldwide network of partners and certified agents who are trained to perform state of the art repairs and revisions. Bazoco, together with its local partners, can carry out minor and major on-site repairs. A senior engineer and the necessary parts are sent on location to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Condition-based maintenance
By carrying out various measurements at regular intervals, it is possible to extend intervals between maintenance tasks. By closely monitoring the wear and tear of critical components, you can maximize the uptime of your engines and optimize maintenance.

Predictive maintenance
If the load of engine is known in advance, it is possible to calculate when certain vital parts will reach the end of their lifespan. By means of an (optional) monitoring system, the engines can be closely monitored so that the operator can perform predictive and first-line maintenance. By replacing the parts on time, before they risk breaking through normal wear, you save both time and money by avoiding repair costs.

Preventive Maintenance Kits
All-in-one box tailored to match your equipment.

Bazoco Preventive Maintenance Kits contain all the parts required for the equipment’s scheduled maintenance program. These kits are easy to obtain and attractively priced. When the repairs are carried out by one of our certified technicians, your machine can achieve maximum productivity.

Wear & Repair Kits
Bazoco Wear & Repair kits are a set of spare parts for the most common repair and replacement operations on your machine. Cost effective and convenient, these kits simplify the service process by ensuring you get what you need.

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