Genuine Parts

Reduced operating cost

Low equipment downtime

Increased resale value

Only genuine parts guarantee quality and high performance

Our genuine Bazoco are manufactured to the same exact standards as our equipment and have passed the same endurance tests. Genuine parts avoid problems such as premature failures and lack of performance. Using our genuine Bazoco parts has proven to be the best way to protect your investment from poor performance and to ensure your machine is working according to the original factory specifications.

Balanced composition

Releases excess heat efficiently, while maintaining excellent bore-polish protection to limit oil consumption.

Quality lubricant additives

Extended oil change intervals without loss in performance. Less time and money spent in changing oil. Reduced operating costs without compromise.

Compatible with emission systems

In order to comply with emission regulations, there is always an option in our portfolio that will be compatible with your other diesel driven equipment.

Assured quality

Guaranteed  reliability

Extended lifetime

The development of lighter, more effective engines has put more and more demands on the cooling system. A coolant must combine improved cooling capacity with enhanced levels of component protection.

Higher lifecycle performance

Longer lifespan

Better starting performance

Bazoco Batteries

Bazoco flooded lead acid batteries are developed to perform and last with low maintenance requirements under extreme conditions. Our batteries are built to perform and offer a number of advantages:

  • Low-maintenance without the need for top-ups, the caps allow it to be topped up if necessary.
  • Flat cover with internal gas re-condensation chambers and special caps to prevent leaks. 
  • High resistance to vibrations due to reinforced internal cell design. 
  • Perfect for all Multi drop applications and industrial machinery. 
  • Great starting power 
  • Better charge acceptance. 
  • Higher endurance to charge/discharge cycles. 
  • Robust design with high vibration resistance.

Our batteries are developed to lower your product cost of ownership, guarantee your machine uptime and increase your productivity.

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