Export & Logistics

Export with reliable logistics

The global logistics network fully integrated with documentation support is crucial for providing added-value services to our customers. At Bazoco we deliver our products to almost any country in the world and guarantee a smooth, fast and trouble-free handling of all transport and customs formalities.

Hassle free export:
Bazoco makes the whole exporting experience as hassle free as possible. Whether you need goods at a port or at your door you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Whether you want multi-temperature vehicles, air freight or land and sea, door to door, port to port or documentation & insurance we have got it all covered.

Reliable logistics:
Superior logistics execution means customer orders are filled correctly, delivered on time, and without compromising product quality and safety. To accomplish this, we provide complete logistic solutions for all kind of products and employ the most reliable and efficient in-house logistics department. Our in-house logistics department makes sure that cargo is shipped in timely manner and managed until arrival to destination. We have extensive contacts in the industry benefiting from the best rates to pass onto customers. We ship all the different types of containers, whether they are 20-foot, 40- foot or High Cube, temperature controlled (Reefer) or standard. Properly qualified members of our transport staff are on hand to ensure the trouble-free handling and distribution of our products.

Quality assurance:
All our goods are thoroughly checked and inspected for quality assurance before packaging. Some important things we consider for packaging is the nature or type of goods, country of destination and client ́s request. We do provide packing pictures, barcodes and assistance with the shipping procedure.

Bazoco has a high quality, warehouses in multiple locations worldwide from where we distribute all the orders, from small to bigger volumes to all over the world. Our warehouses are located at strategic location to ensure that there is no additional cost you need to bear during and before transport of freight. Our experienced team of operators offer a wide range of added value options.

We work in partnership with pioneers in the transportation and logistics industry. Different transportation methods such as: road transportation, rail transportation, air transportation and Intermodal transportation can be arranged according to client ́s request depending on location, type and quantity of goods ordered. Based on nature of products/upon request, our products can be shipped in temperature-controlled containers to ensure the freshness and quality upon arrival.

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