Engine Programs

BEST Solution

We offer the most attractive warranty conditions and the highest performance standards for your equipment. Combined with high availability we can provide you an easy and fast solution.

VAST Offer

Our wide portfolio of engine brands offers you different solutions from new to reconditioned, or long block engines based on your needs.

GREAT Opportunity

Our years of expertise combined with the different product options and competitive pricing make this a great opportunity. Take advantage and contact us today.

Upgrade Kits
Bazoco Upgrade Kits are an economical solution to ensure your equipment is up to date with the latest technology. Upgrades integrate proven technological solutions that are readily available and easily installed. These upgrades will maximize your equipment’s productivity and market value, as well as optimize your equipment’s efficiency, increasing your profits.

One of typical characteristics of Bazoco is that it continues to focus on research and development. The company is constantly working on optimizing and modernizing engines. Customers who have purchased a Bazoco generating set in the past, can make use of engine upgrades. These improvements may relate to engine efficiency, fuel consumption, emissions, use of alternative fuels and monitoring.

Engine efficiency and fuel consumption
Existing customers looking to further increase the efficiency of engine(s), can contact Bazoco for checking and mapping the fuel and oil consumption. By analyzing the usage profile (eg. turbo adjustment at part load, reduction engine speed etc.) of the engine, important gains can be achieved.

Installing fuel flow meters allows users to closely monitor fuel consumption. It enables to record real consumption, allowing customers to view the history of fuel consumption and, if necessary, adjust the usage profile. This also ensures that the operator understand their responsibilities. By using fuel flow meters, it is also possible to detect wear of injection material at an early stage. Additional gains can also be achieved by further optimization of the engine speed/load ratio.

Increasingly stringent emission regulations are creating challenges. For old(er) engines, we offer a wide range of possibilities and techniques (including catalysts, urea injection, water emulsion, diesel particulate filter etc.) so that operators always meet the strictest environmental requirements. By opting for an ABC after-treatment system, emissions can be reduced to a minimum.

Alternative fuels
Bazoco attaches great importance to fuel diversity meaning the engines can run on alternative fuels (HFO, CNG, LNG, methanol, biofuels etc.). In addition to diesel and gas oil, medium-speed engines are ideal for using alternative fuels. The reason lies in the fact that common rail technology is often used in high-speed engines whereas medium-speed engines typically have mechanical injection. With medium-speed engines, the combustion time is greater due to the lower rotational speed, which gives the possibility to burn heavier fuels – Heavy Fuel Oil, biofuels and vegetable oils – compared to distilled fuels such as ULSD. This also means that medium-speed engines consume less than high-speed counterparts.

Existing customers have right address for an upgrade or extension of the engine monitoring system. For example, the engine monitoring system can be equipped with a remote monitoring system allowing you to monitor your engine fleet in an efficient manner. In addition, many extensive automation options are available that maintain connectivity with other systems. Finally, it is possible to opt for extensive data recording of alarms, temperatures, pressures etc.

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