Power Generation Solutions

Standby Power Solutions

Power outages on the grid can put a business’ livelihood – and even human lives – at risk. We understand how important it is for you to be connected, so we offer backup power via standby generator sets. It is one less thing for you to worry about.

We provide standby power via emergency diesel and gas generators, which maintain a constant supply of reliable power in the event of a mains or power grid fault. We believe that you deserve an uninterruptible power system to stay productive and to keep people safe. And we help you to do just that by providing a range of standby power systems.

Standardized backup 
Generator sets function as safeguards to ensure uninterrupted electricity supplies to residential and public buildings, industrial facilities or entire city districts. Standardized backup provides reliability when grid power fails. Whether a drop in voltage or a blackout, it’s vital to have reliable standby diesel systems that ramp up within seconds to restore electricity independently of the grid. Bazoco gensets are engineered for maximum reliability, high load capability and quick response in order to safeguard operations at low investment cost. 

We provide reliable natural gas and liquid-propane-fueled gensets for standby power applications. Backed by experience and total system expertise, Bazoco gas gensets are effective, dependable and configured to meet your exact requirements. 

Mission critical 
Mission critical standby power is essential when lives or huge economic losses are at risk. That makes it as a must in hospitals, health care facilities, governmental and public buildings and for infrastructure systems. Data centers, of course, provide indispensable services for all of the institutions above. We focus on the highest reliability and availability of power. 

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